A Monthly Message from our Minister

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Palm Sunday is a little weird. There were big crowds cheering Jesus on as he rode into Jerusalem, hoping that this would be the moment when he would take charge as king, and throw the Romans out etc. But Jesus wasn’t on a war horse – he was on a donkey!

Later that week he allowed himself to be arrested and sentenced to death – the horrific death of crucifixion. Hardly the actions of a conquering king!

What was Jesus up to?

When I was a (more or less) idealistic student (30 years ago!), I remember being quite politically minded – cheering certain politicians on as I listened to them on the news. That all ended quite suddenly when I understood one day that although politics can make some difference to a country, what was really needed was for people’s hearts to be changed. And that could only be done by God.

Jesus offers us not only forgiveness for our wrongdoing, but also the possibility of a new life, a new heart, with his own Spirit, the Holy Spirit transforming us on the inside. I have met so many people over the years who have been dramatically changed from really bad people to really good ones by the power of God. But I know that I myself, despite being far from what most people would have described as a really bad person, needed that transformation too. My heart was far from being truly good. And although I’m still a way off being perfect, I do know the love of Jesus now filling my heart.

Jesus was the Son of God, who rose victorious from the dead that first Easter Day, but before that he humbled himself even to death on a cross. Today he waits for those who are prepared to humble themselves and admit to him that they need forgiveness, they need his power to live the truly good life that is out of their reach at the moment. He is there waiting and ready for you, whoever you are, to give you that new life and new heart which we all truly need – as individuals, and together as a society.

Rev. Richard Towle (Methodist Minister).

Tel. 650305, email: richard.towle@methodist.org.uk